Originally from Dallas, TX, JESSICA LAUREN was raised in Telluride, Colorado before becoming a Seventeenmagazine teen model. Lauren also works as a high fashion model with various New York designers. She trained in the Meisner acting technique and was mentored by Joanne Baron. A 2013 near-death car accident transformed her life most recently. Her life-altering, miraculous recovery following the accident clarified her pursuit of acting, strengthening her passion for the performing arts and continues to inspire her today. Her renewed commitment translates into serving humanity more through her work in film and TV, fueling Lauren’s excitement as she debuts in Ji Strangeway’s NUNE in the leading role of Briana Enright. Lauren is represented by HRi Talent.



Jessica Lauren, who plays Briana Enright in the short film Nune (pronounced NOON-nay) by Ji Strangeway, is a total rebel, but not in the traditional sense of the word. She uses her strength, determination, and individuality to change the face of the entertainment industry. Jessica is more of a spiritual badass.

“From a young age, I didn’t want to conform to society’s box. Since eight-years-old I wanted to model, and possibly get into acting, but not for the reason everyone would think.”

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