Mychal plays the bully and wannabe rapster, “Mark Nutt” in NUNE.

MYCHAL SORENSEN has been involved in the performing arts since he was nine. He is thrilled to partake in his next film endeavor after playing supporting roles in previous short films INTEREST FREE AND ENVY in San Francisco and Sacramento. After studying theatre and improv in high school and college, he is excited to enroll in comedy classes and workshops in Los Angeles, but has his eye especially set on THE GROUNDLINGS or SECOND CITY as his schools of choice. Sorensen’s most recent achievement was being cast in a category-winning short in the Sacramento 10×10 film challenge for audience favorite. He is honored to be involved in the ‘challenge’ circuit and hopes to participate more in the future. When not auditioning or pursuing acting research, Mychal takes hip-hop classes in Hollywood, swims at the beach whenever he can, and finds time to finish filming his awkward mockumentary comedy, THE WHITE KIDSon YouTube. He is ecstatic about his involvement in NUNEand looks forward to working on his craft, bettering himself as a performer.

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