NUNE – Short Film – Official Trailer (HD) on Vimeo.

A 15-year-old Nune creates a fantasy world to escape from the pain of social rejection and bullying. But her archenemy’s girlfriend—a model cheerleader with a bleeding heart—keeps luring her near.

Genre: American Teen Drama, Coming-of-Age, LGBTQ, Romance, Youth Empowerment

#NuneMovie #NoDrugLikeLove



  • Dan January 31, 2016   Reply →

    Where can I see the movie?

  • NUNE February 1, 2016   Reply →

    Hi Dan, the film is trekking the festival circuit and will be on VOD worldwide soon. Please feel free to join our list if you’d like to be updated! Thanks for asking;)

  • Mary Williams December 26, 2016   Reply →

    i cant wait for this to come out i am so excited

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