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by Jill on NUNE - The Movie
Mmmm okay

I wish it would've been a little longer and show more of the girls relationship.

by Steffanie on NUNE - The Movie
Simplistic coming of age story

I appreciated the actresses chosen to do this short film and the chemistry they both shared.

by Tanja/ Germany on NUNE - The Movie
Very Good Picture

I think that the picture and camera focus was very artistic and of good quality . I liked it. The storyline of the 2 main characters was a bit of a secret so room for imagination. I liked it and Nune was very cute.

by Anita/ India on NUNE - The Movie
Amazing Movie

The movie was amazing keep up the good work. Hope to watch more movies from you guys!

by Monika/ Poland on NUNE - The Movie

Movie was filmed nice, professional I would say but its more for teenagers, so I wasn't moved enough by it. Beautiful ladies and nice kiss. This 'boyfriend' guy was overplayed a little. But generally its good to make stories like this. Wishing you all good luck in making more LGBQT movies ;)

by Susan B. on NUNE - The Movie
Awesome Acting

The two main actresses play really well you can tell how they really enjoyed the character. The movie was well put together.

by Niki/ Cape Town, South Africa on NUNE - The Movie
Happy Ending

Very cute feel-good film. I liked the storyline and that of the ending. Beautiful actresses as well. Thank you.

by Jing/ Singapore on NUNE - The Movie

Great film with beautiful actresses. Made me want to watch more, the only thing is that it is too short! Wish it was longer.

by Amber A. on NUNE - The Movie
Worth The Watch

It's exceedingly unfortunate that LGBTQ couples don't usually get to have their happy ending in films and tv shows, although I like to think that short films tend to be a welcomed opposition, and Nune is definitely a good example of said opposition. It's only about half an hour long, yet it depicts a fantastic coming-of-age story between a lovable outcast and a seemingly happy-go-lucky cheerleader. Nune is a must watch for any person going through a questioning stage in their life and losing hope in the idea of a better tomorrow.

by Rayne on NUNE - The Movie
Amazing film!

I loved it! We can really feel the chemistry between the two.

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